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First formula 1 race: Rio 1984

24.03.2017First formula 1 race: Rio 1984

In 1983 Stefan Bellof in negotiations with many different Formula 1 teams. This didn’t go as well as planned, which lead to a very short-term contract with Tyrell in 1984.

Timo Bernhard and the helmet of Stefan Bellof

08.03.2017Timo Bernhard and the helmet of Stefan Bellof

With the choice of the helmet colour from Stefan Bellof, the German racing driver Timo Bernhard remembered the long-distance world champion from 1984 as part of the WEC 2015. Bernhard met the family from Bellof as a fourteen-year-old at the Stefan Bellof Memorial race in Oppenrod near Giessen in 1995: He started from the pole position, took the second place and met Bellof's father after the race. In the following time, Timo Bernhard worked with Porsche mechanics, who had already screwed for the Giessen racing legend.

Einstieg in die Formel 1: McLaren Testfahrt

25.01.2017Einstieg in die Formel 1: McLaren Testfahrt

In 1983 Stefan Bellof had a contract with Willy Maurer for 10 Formula 2 races, which unfortunately did not work well due to technical defects and other unfortunate circumstances. Many people named Stefan the "Pechvogel" of the year. At the same time, he drove the Werksporsche 956K and was able to reach the record round of 6:11:13 min at the Nürburgring. In the middle of the season (Formula 1 GP Hockenheim) Stefan came into contact with McLaren Team chef Ron Dennis. This test resulted in a test drive for the McLaren Formula 1 team.

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