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Timo Bernhard, Stefan Bellof and the ADAC GT Masters Hockenheim 2020

16.09.2020Timo Bernhard, Stefan Bellof and the ADAC GT Masters Hockenheim 2020

No spectators, but a lot of enthusiasm, anticipation and a very special action on the Porsche 911 GT3 R from KÜS Team75 Bernhard with the starting number 17: The team of the two-times endurance world champion and double winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans Timo Bernhard is going to remind on the unforgotten racing driver Stefan Bellof with a special design on the car with the driver pairing Simona de Silvestro and Klaus Bachler. Bernhard and the brother of the former racing driver from Gießen - Georg „Goa“ Bellof met to talk as part of the presentation of the vehicle with the special painting. Bernhard expressed his admiration for the 1984 endurance world champion back in 2015 when he adapted the design of his helmet to that of Bellof at a WEC race in Spa-Francorchamps. With the campaign in Hockenheim, the KÜS Team75 Bernhard pays tribute to Bellof's victory at this very racetrack in 1982 in Formula 2.

Stefan Bellof and the Hall of Fame of the long distance in Paris

12.12.2019Stefan Bellof and the Hall of Fame of the long distance in Paris

In the evening of December 2nd, 2019, Stefan Bellof was once again in a special way in the focus of the public of motorsports next to 28 of his colleagues: On this evening, 29 champions from the world of long distance racing were taken into the FIA Hall of Fame as part of a festive ceremony in the Automobile Club De France in the heart of Paris. With it was Georg Bellof, the brother of the 1985 deceased racing driver from Giessen. All sports car World Champions since 1981 have been taken into account, so those of the current FIA World Endurance Championship WEC as well as those of the predecessors existing until the season 1992: The sports car world championship was held for the first time already in 1953; Its first race had been the 12 Hours of Sebring. In the early years, only the brands or manufacturers initially benefited from the award with a title. The team from Stefan Bellof Official has essentially recorded the process of the gala. Our request for a statement has gladly met Georg Bellof. In addition to many prominent athletes, the host motor sports authority FIA, the Fédération Internationale De L'Automobile, has also brought some of the vehicles to Paris.

Two new, exclusive model cars to the topic Stefan Bellof

08.07.2019Two new, exclusive model cars to the topic Stefan Bellof

Minichamps from Aachen is known as the most distinguished label in the field of manufacture model cars from the motorsports. Since 1990, the people from Aachen inspire their fans all around the world, that belong to the best in the quality of workmanship as well as in the finish of the details. We quote: “We are not only selling model cars – we offer emotions. History, dreams, memories – we live on that and every part of your collection stands for something of it. We can be there in your showcases, which makes us proud and grateful!" Keyword "Memories”: The two new model cars in scale 1:18, which have just appeared after models of the year 1984, remind us of two great races by Stefan Bellof: The Porsche 956 in the Jägermeister-look of the 200 miles from the Norisring and the 956, which the factory had used in the Rothmans appearance at the Nürburgring only a short time later. A third place and a victory - briefly presented here.

Sad message: Stefan Bellof’s father Georg sr. died

12.06.2019Sad message: Stefan Bellof’s father Georg sr. died

Still in the penultimate year in March 2017, we enjoyed the memories of the father of the two Bellof brothers, the then 92-year-old Georg Bellof sr. Presented with unforgettable good mood, he told us from earlier days about the career of his son Stefan; we were happy to be infected by the passion, which marked the senior and we caught in the video. But today, on June 2019, we received the message about the death of Georg Bellof.

The model cars in the house of Bellof: Toys, Porsche and a Kreidler Flory

08.01.2019The model cars in the house of Bellof: Toys, Porsche and a Kreidler Flory

It was a highlight of the Advent season: Quite before Christmas, Georg Bellof and the editorial staff of had the opportunity for a detailed conversation. The content has a true rarity value: The model cars in the house of Bellof!

Video interview with Georg Bellof Senior: Part 2

25.05.2018Video interview with Georg Bellof Senior: Part 2

Even more than in the first part of our series of interviews, we are touched by the remarks of Georg Bellof on the life of his son Stefan in the second chapter of the big interview: The theme is the record round at the Nordschleife, with which the sports car world champion from 1984 finished in the ADAC final training one year earlier Experts were shocked by the 1000-kilometer race from the Nürburgring: On May 28, Bellof had circumnavigated the Nordschleife, shortened to 20.835 kilometers due to construction work, in an incredible 6: 11.13 minutes. That was equivalent to an average speed of over 200 kilometers per hour - so fast was no driver before and after Stefan Bellof, who wrote history with the Porsche 956 and this legendary performance. A story that also made him a role model for today's racing drivers.

Video interview with Georg Bellof Senior: Part 1

23.03.2018Video interview with Georg Bellof Senior: Part 1

Loyal readers and followers know that we are conducting interviews with witnesses and companions in an effort to maintain the memory of racing driver Stefan Bellof. For example with Bob Tyrrell, Norbert Singer or Hans-Joachim Stuck. The collaboration between the brother of Stefan Bellof, Georg "Goa" Bellof and the team of Stefan Bellof Official works so well and meets with such enthusiastic public interest that we want you to be there when the interviews are conducted and publish them now via Video.

Bob Tyrrell: „Stefan had the special combination of talent and aggression to become a great driver.“

19.02.2018Bob Tyrrell: „Stefan had the special combination of talent and aggression to become a great driver.“

Only the die-hard fans of Formula 1 will remember on the Tyrrell F1 Team. The team started in Formula 1 at the Canadian GP 1970 and retired after the Japanese GP in 1998. In this time Ken Tyrrell and his team has driven 430 races in total, won one constructers worldchampionship (1971) and two driver championships with Jacky Stewart (1971 & 1973). After the season 1998 the team was bought by British American Tabacco (BAR Team), later by Honda and in 2009 by Ross Brawn with Brawn GP. Currently the Mercedes works team built and develop their cars in the old Tyrrell buildings. In 1984, a young german talent came to the team and caused a stir. This readers well known as Stefan Bellof. In the latest Blog of Goa’s memories we remember together with Bob Tyrrell on this great time in Formula 1 history. Ken Tyrrell's son Bob was responsible for the marketing and mentoring of the sponsors in the Tyrrell F1 Team in the 80’s. The Englishman is still a licensee and owner of the brand name Tyrrell. Bob Tyrrell therefore remembers the unforgettable driver from Gießen for Stefan Bellof Official.

In this issue it's called: Goa meets Hans-Joachim "Strietzel" Stuck.

29.09.2017In this issue it's called: Goa meets Hans-Joachim "Strietzel" Stuck.

The Hockenheimring was the venue for the meeting between Hans-Joachim Stuck and Goa Bellof on 16 September 2017. The two motorsporters used the visit to the race track in Baden-Württemberg, among other things, to entertain themselves in the 1000 kilometer race on the Autodromo Dino Ferrari in Imola on the day, exactly 33 years ago Stuck and Stefan Bellof shared the cockpit of a Porsche 956B used by Brun Motorsport. The race was part of the long-distance World Championship 1984. The car with the chassis number 116 was painted in the colors of the sponsor huntsman. Hans-Joachim Stuck became popular as a driver in the Formula 1 between 1974 and 1979, entered the winning list of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1986 and 1987 and became a German Touring Car Champion on Audi in 1990. Today the native Garmischer uses his decades of experience as President of the German Motor Sports Federation DMSB.

Stefan's debut: The Porsche 936 from Kremer Racing

19.09.2017Stefan's debut: The Porsche 936 from Kremer Racing

Stefan Bellof's record round at the Nürburgring in 1983 and the long-distance world championship in 1984 on the Porsche 956 originated in the first rounds of the 1982 sports car, the Porsche 936, built according to the regulations of Group 6. But it was not one of the three vehicles of this type designation, with which the Stuttgart from 1976 to 1979 and 1981 in the sports car world championship and the 24 hour race of Le Mans, but the Porsche 936 with the designation 936/82. The factory did not use the three racing cars after 1981 and left the plans to the company Kremer Racing in Cologne, which recreated the car with the blessing of the factory. To this car, Spark has produced a very nice 1:43 scale model, which faithfully mirrors the Kremer-Porsche, driven by Stefan Bellof on 29 August 1982. In this article, we will discuss the structure of the car, look at the model, and see where the car is today nurtured and maintained.

Stefan Bellof Collection at the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix 2017

11.08.2017Stefan Bellof Collection at the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix 2017

More than 500 cars - including about 60 pre-war racing cars - have registered for this year's Oldtimer Grand Prix. From 11-13 August the friends of motorsports will be drawn to the Nürburgring . Not only this event celebrates its 90th birthday, but also the engine with which Stefan Bellof made his first attempts in Formula One: The Cosworth-optimized Ford V8, originally developed for the Lotus team, was first used at the GP in Zandvoort in 1967 and recorded legendary 155 victories until 1983. For the friends of Stefan Bellof, the high-caliber event at the Nürburgring is a very special weekend, his name is connected to the Nordschleife for eternity by the 1983 record-breaking record of 6: 11,13 minutes on a Porsche 956. That is why the Nürburgring is the ideal location for the presentation of the new racing jackets from the Stefan-Bellof-Collection, which can be reached in three places for the fans.

Stefan Bellof Collection at the Döttinger Höhe

27.07.2017Stefan Bellof Collection at the Döttinger Höhe

Experts from the Nürburgring combine two concepts: the long straight at the end of the Nordschleife, and on the other hand, the petrol station along the federal road running parallel to the circuit section. Hans-Joachim Retterath - called "Retti" - leads the gastronomy operation of the third generation, expanded in 1929 by a petrol station, and stands like no other for a hospitality that offers the innumerable fans of the Motorport a second home.

The Stefan Bellof Shop at the Solitude Revival 2017

24.07.2017The Stefan Bellof Shop at the Solitude Revival 2017

From the Westbahnhof up to the Solitude castle the first authors were driven in 1903. Starting point and course of the route changed several times up to 1935; The year when the course found its final layout and gave space on a route of 11.4 motorized cars and motorcycling on restricted public streets to exercise their sport. But in 1965 the glorious time of the circuit in the Stuttgart West ended, but since 2008 the Solitude Revival is reminiscent of this era.

The winners of Le Mans 2017 come to the Nürburgring

12.07.2017The winners of Le Mans 2017 come to the Nürburgring

It is a weekend that is important from the point of view of Stefan Bellof as well as from the perspective of Porsche: On July 15, 1984, the Giessen racing driver won the 30th Int. ADAC 1000 km race from the Nürburgring on a Porsche 956 with the starting number 2. With the starting number 2, the Porsche LMP team also won this year on the legendary circuit of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and comes to the race on 16 July 2017 As a table leader to the not less legendary Nürburgring. With this article, we are going back to 1984 to mark the upcoming weekend, but at the same time we look at what awaits us, let Teamchef Andreas Seidl have their say and look at the starting position for the Le Mans winner, according to program manager Fritz Enzinger A reworked aerodynamics package in the Eifel, which should have worked very well in the tests.

Stefan Bellof at the Norisring: Review of the DTM weekend

29.06.2017Stefan Bellof at the Norisring: Review of the DTM weekend

From 30 June - 02 July 2017 the motor sport fans gather for the 75th Int. ADAC Norisring Speed weekend near Nurnberg. For Stefan Bellof, the Norisring was a successful track. We reflect on the event of the touring car race back in the 1980s.

90 years of Nürburgring, the Eifel race and Stefan Bellof

16.06.201790 years of Nürburgring, the Eifel race and Stefan Bellof

On June 18, 2017 the Nürburgring celebrates its 90th anniversary. Emperor Wilhelm II was already thinking of setting up a circuit in the Eifel, because racing in Belgium, the USA and Italy pulled in masses of enthusiast . An interest, however, quickly flattened and only rose again after the First World War.

Klassikstadt Talk with team colleague Jochen Mass

13.06.2017Klassikstadt Talk with team colleague Jochen Mass

On June 21, 2016, the Klassikstadt Talk will take place from 19.00 hrs in the Klassikstadt Frankfurt. Jochen Mass and anecdote of his moving life in the Klassikstadt Talk.

Stefan Bellof-Collection from now on in the Klassikstadt Frankfurt

12.06.2017Stefan Bellof-Collection from now on in the Klassikstadt Frankfurt

After the successful launch of the Stefan Bellof collection at the Nürburgring, in Monaco within the framework of Formula 1 and the web shop, fans of the Giessen racing driver can now get to know the collection named after him in the Klassikstadt in Frankfurt.

Debut at the Nürburgring: The Stefan-Bellof-Collection

26.05.2017Debut at the Nürburgring: The Stefan-Bellof-Collection

The Ring boulevard as a scene, a world premiere: The Stefan-Bellof-Collection will be presented in the sales shop of the Cologne Trade GmbH in the course of the 45th ADAC 24 hour race Nürburgring 2017. This in the presence of Georg "Goa" Bellof, the brother of the popular racing driver from Giessen, who participated in the classic part of the motorsports event with a historic Porsche
911 itself intervenes in the events of the weekend. Goa can also be seen in the catalog of his collection named after his brother, with which the various articles are presented in detail. The choice of location and time for the launch of the Stefan-Bellof-Collection could not have been better, because there is a very special connection between the racer and the Nürburgring-North loops: 6: 11.13 minutes.

GP Monaco 2017 - meeting of two legends

22.05.2017GP Monaco 2017 - meeting of two legends

It was the 35th season of the new Formula 1 World Championship, where Stefan Bellof and Ayrton Senna met for the first time since the tests in the British Silverstone 1983. The sixth race of 1984 started on June 3; a Sunday, which should be remembered by the motor sport fans if not only because of the nonstop morning rain. Bellof and Senna had to wait longer as their 18 colleagues of the starter field, which had been reduced to 20 cars, because the traffic light jumped to green only 45 minutes later than expected. But what both newcomers did after the race started should contribute to the legendary formation of Formula 1.

Stefan-Bellof-Collection: a look behind the scenes

22.05.2017Stefan-Bellof-Collection: a look behind the scenes

A careful planning, a detailed briefing and then the start-up jumped green: the days of 16th and 17th of May 2017 is all about the first photo shoot for the brand-new Stefan-Bellof-Collection, to which the stories of the racing driver from Giessen comes to life by means of a car and a racetrack.

Historic McLaren MP4-1C model car from Minichamps in 1:18 scale

11.05.2017Historic McLaren MP4-1C model car from Minichamps in 1:18 scale

Minichamps has produced an outstanding model car, based on the car of which Stefan Bellof took part on the test drives in Silverstone, British Isles, on 10 November 1983, at the invitation of Marlboro McLaren International. The miniature is held in the 1:18 scale and is made from the high-quality polyurethane casting resin. The model is called the McLaren MP4-1C and was tested on that day by Martin Brundle, Ayrton Senna and Stefan Bellof. The times: Brundle and Bellof drove on hard tires 1: 14.7 and 1: 14.6 minutes respectively, Senna on soft tires 1: 13.9.

First formula 1 race: Rio 1984

24.03.2017First formula 1 race: Rio 1984

In 1983 Stefan Bellof in negotiations with many different Formula 1 teams. This didn’t go as well as planned, which lead to a very short-term contract with Tyrell in 1984.

Timo Bernhard and the helmet of Stefan Bellof

08.03.2017Timo Bernhard and the helmet of Stefan Bellof

With the choice of the helmet colour from Stefan Bellof, the German racing driver Timo Bernhard remembered the long-distance world champion from 1984 as part of the WEC 2015. Bernhard met the family from Bellof as a fourteen-year-old at the Stefan Bellof Memorial race in Oppenrod near Giessen in 1995: He started from the pole position, took the second place and met Bellof's father after the race. In the following time, Timo Bernhard worked with Porsche mechanics, who had already screwed for the Giessen racing legend.

Entry into the Formula 1: McLaren test drive

25.01.2017Entry into the Formula 1: McLaren test drive

In 1983 Stefan Bellof had a contract with Willy Maurer for 10 Formula 2 races, which unfortunately did not work well due to technical defects and other unfortunate circumstances. Many people named Stefan the "Pechvogel" of the year. At the same time, he drove the Werksporsche 956K and was able to reach the record round of 6:11:13 min at the Nürburgring. In the middle of the season (Formula 1 GP Hockenheim) Stefan came into contact with McLaren Team chef Ron Dennis. This test resulted in a test drive for the McLaren Formula 1 team.

Brun Porsche 962 C in the 1000km race of Mugello

11.01.2017Brun Porsche 962 C in the 1000km race of Mugello

On the 14th of April 1985, Stefan drives in one of just two races in a Porsche 962 C from the Brun Motorsport Team. It is the opening race of the then sports car endurance world championship, the 1000km race of Mugello.

New official Stefan Bellof website

24.11.2016New official Stefan Bellof website

We dedicate this page to the memory of the great German racing driver Stefan Bellof. In addition to the most important information on his life, we will also keep you up to date on current events.

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